When I first met Carma in December of 2013, she was living in a cage in a woman’s cellar. Although Carma was receiving good care, her eyes were very cloudy. She really needed to go to an eye specialist.


The ophthalmologist said Carma was blind in her right eye, due to a cataract. The lens in her left eye had fallen forward. The plan was to keep her on eye drops and try to put that lens back in place. But, after months of eye drops, the left eye could never be repaired. With the fallen lens, Carma had only minimal sight in the left eye.


In January of 2015 Carma was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her surgery and recovery went smoothly. As the months went on and the cancer never returned, we felt blessed.

Carma’s health started to fail in the summer of 2015. Although blind, she still continued to find her favorite spot on the couch every day.

We said our “good byes” to Carma in November 2015.

“Bye little one. You were much loved. We will miss you.”

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