ChesterMyles Stolzfuss Rawsonwolfe

Sept. 4, 1996-Sept. 15, 2014

There once was a big blonde cat who had been through several homes and needed a new one. One day he found a big blond guy and they bonded instantly. Later they discovered they were both descended from travelers on the Mayflower and so the big blond cat was named ChesterMyles. He loved his Mom but his Dad was his whole focus in life. He followed him everywhere for more than 16 years. He slept near him, wrestled with him and begged him for snacks at every opportunity. He was the bestest buddy anyone could have asked for.

He became a foster dad to kittens Sydney and later Neady kittens Spike and Maximillian. Sadly, he got ill with hyperthyroidism and renal failure. His Mom and Dad kept him comfortable for more than three years, and when it became clear he was near the end of his happy life, they made the difficut decision to send him to Rainbow Bridge, where he is reunited with brother Neady Cat Buster. He is sadly missed by SJ, David, Sydney, Spike and Maximillian.

SJ Wolfe


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