This is a most difficult day and a difficult letter to write.  We had to put our precious Eddie down on Monday.  Our veterinarian thinks he may have had a cancer, because he went downhill so quickly.  His appetite decreased over the past 3 months.  We tried everything, but he didn't want to eat.  Then this weekend he ate nothing, not even water.  He was shrinking before our eyes.  The doctor said we could hydrate him intravenously, but it would prolong what was happening to him.  So we did the most humane thing.

Eddie was the best cat we ever had.  Sweet, loyal, gentle, cuddly only begin to describe him.  I will especially miss his waking me every morning at 6:00 by touching my nose with his paw.  He had the best life here.  He had the run of the house with choices of foods at all times.  He had a nice porch to sun himself.  He had a fenced in backyard so he could lounge in the flower or vegetable garden and watch the birds.  He took his breakfast on the kitchen table each morning as I read the newspaper.  He had a glass of water (he preferred a glass instead of a bowl) and I had my coffee.  Then we would share toast with butter.

I could go on and on about my precious Eddie.  Jimmy and I loved that cat like no other.  But it was his time to go.  We take comfort in knowing he had a better life than most.  He was our one in a million.  We thank you for choosing Eddie for us.  We thank you for all you do for the kitties.  We will adopt another cat in the near future.  Life is so much richer with our furry friends.


Ann Gaffney


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