September, 1993 – January 31, 2008

The first time I saw Edwardo was on a flyer – he was asking for a home.  I was volunteering at the time at NEADS and when I saw the picture of his face I thought, who could deny a face like that?  I called and inquired about Edwardo, explaining that we were a household with no children and we both worked full time. After a little persuasion, Marilyn had me and my husband come and see Edwardo.  Edwardo had been called “the cat in the sac” because he just didn’t like being at the shelter and spent a lot of time in his little sac. On our visit to meet Edwardo, Marilyn brought us to his cage and opened the door.  Edwardo came running out and immediately rubbed himself on my husband’s legs and that was it!  Brian said, “There’s no way I’m leaving without this cat!”  It was a rainy, cold October evening and he cried all the way home, but once he got there and checked the place out; he immediately became a different cat.  He loved it!  He adjusted so well, he was one of the NEADY Cats success stories.

He was a very unique kitty with some very different personality traits.  He especially loved sweaters!  Any sweater would do, but he fell in love with a particular Blue sweater and claimed it as his own.  He even took it off the hanger the first time he picked it out.  We usually kept it on the bottom of the bedroom closet floor (when not in use), and when it was time for a “sweater session” he knew where to go!  Sometimes when we came home, the sweater would be in the hallway, on top of the bed, or even downstairs.  Where ever it was most comfortable to have a “sweater session.”

Not being particularly fond of visitors, he would often hide upstairs when company came.  One time, one of our guests said “I wonder if we’ll ever get a chance to meet this infamous Edwardo.” Immediately, I thought of the sweater.  Having told them the story about the sweater sessions I said “maybe if I bring down the sweater you will get to meet him.”  I proceeded up the stairs and got the sweater, showed Edwardo (who was sleeping soundly under the covers.)  His eyes lit up and he followed me down the stairs after the sweater….until he saw THE DREADED GUESTS.  But, I threw the sweater on the floor and he looked at the sweater and the guests and then the sweater…this went on for a few minutes, but finally…the sweater won!    Not only did they get a chance to see Edwardo in the flesh…they got to see a live “sweater session.”

Edwardo truly was a man’s cat…the macho kind of cat who loved to hang out with a guy and be “one of the boys.”  That was his most favorite thing to do…lie in dad’s lap and “get support” while they watched TV together every night.

Edwardo passed away on January 31, 2008 from complications from diabetes at the age of 14. Edwardo brought us so much laughter over the years – we will never forget him!  He will always have a very special place in our hearts. 

Judy Frew

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