Helen K.

Helen K. was a little black and white cat who came to us when a farmer rescued her (she was in a carrier) from the end of his driveway just before a horrendous rainstorm. When she went to the vet, she was diagnosed with Feline AIDS and that she was almost blind. Hence she was named Helen K.

From the first time I met her, she was my favorite. She loved to climb up onto my shoulders and ride around while I worked. This was always a big hit with visitors as she just sat there and rejoiced in all the petting and attention. If I missed a day she was twice as anxious to climb on me the next time she heard my voice. Some days if I were really busy, Marilyn would tell her I would be there soon.

As she got older she had various issues, a little growth on her ear, a gash on one front leg the took forever to heal and another one that was pretty recent. She got interferon and heart meds, and I am sure that all the love and care she got made her remaining years and days happy. The last time I saw her she was at the door of her cage squeaking for me. I opened the door and out she came right out onto my shoulders with her nose in my ear, purring like mad.

I always called her my little meatloaf as when she was younger, she was quite plump. I am pretty sure I have the largest collection of Helen K pictures in magnetic frames on our freezer along with our guys. I know that all the volunteers will miss her, and I certainly will be sad when I see her empty cage. It helps to know that now she is now pain free and able to see the world around her, and that she will be at Rainbow Bridge.

S.J. Wolfe


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