Henry, "Lil Man"

August 2004-March 17, 2006

Lil Man we love you and we'll miss you.

Even though your time was cut short, you've filled our hearts with joy and love.

As you settled in, the trust started to build and you let us in.

You befriended Sandman who soon became your buddy.

You loved rolling around in the tub, playing with plastic rings from the caps on milk cartons, going after Daddy's shoelaces when he was trying to tie them, playing with your favorite string and watching birds out the windows. Among many other things, these always seemed to be on the top of your "cat" list.

At night, most times you'd find "the nook" on the blankets and curl up with Mommy and Daddy. As you slept, Mommy would pick you up and cradle you in her arms. In the morning, you'd stand on the bed next to us purring so loud and licking our faces as to say "Time to rise and shine now!"

We feel pain that you’re gone but know you are now in peace which is hard but in return gives us a piece of mind.

Sandman has looked for you so I give him extra love to comfort.

You will not be forgotten.

Thanks for all the extra joy you've given us.

A Note From Mommy....

Alysia Leone of Worcester, MA

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