Jazzabelle was the longest resident at NEADY Cats before she went to the Rainbow Bridge. She came in with a number of other cats and kittens, some of them related to her, and some not. They all got homes pretty quickly, but no one wanted this big calico with emerald green eyes. Her initial attitude had a lot to do with that—she was feisty and temperamental. Had she been more laid back she might have gotten a home, but she didn’t and so she became a “lifer” at the shelter.

Jazzy ruled the counter by the sink, she and her buddy Hero, and brooked no petting, touching or sometimes even just looking. She was the fastest paw in the place. It took a very long time and several bitten combs and some serious scratches before Jazzy realized that she LIKED being combed as long as you didn’t go near her tail. Her fur was coarse and she shed like crazy so we knew she had to be groomed like it or not. One day she got so wrapped up in being combed, she started giving head butts and cheek rubs. We thought aliens had taken her and switched cats on us!

Jazzy became quite social as she got older, coming out of the corner for pets and head rubs; she also loved to be scratched under her chin, especially with a comb. At a trip to the vet for a checkup and nail clip, she was pronounced to be diabetic, and we had a hard time keeping it under control. But she was loving and sweet at the end of her time with us, and we were all very sad when she stopped wanting to eat and went to the vet a lot. One day she went and didn’t come back. She was so ill there was no hope of giving her any quality of life and so we let her go. She was featured on stamps, coasters and magnets--she is missed terribly by all of us but we can still have her with us through these little treasures.

S.J. Wolfe


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