Kismet Emerson Bradley

September 13, 2005 – May 11, 2012

I lost my beloved Kizzy to Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) 4 months shy of his 7th birthday.  Every evening, Kizzy ensured his teddy was with him, often times tearing my bed apart, as teddy somehow was caught within the blankets and we couldn’t go to sleep without first finding teddy. 

As my middle child, he played with, as well as kept his younger siblings in line; and the two of them loved him dearly.  He liked to wrap himself around my neck in bed and also felt comfortable as my live fur shawl.  Always napping in my bathroom sink, he would help me with my morning routine.  To me, Kizzy was a large ball of love and silky black fur.  He would nuzzle my nose (AKA Kizzy Kisses) to wake me. 

I fell in love the moment I laid eyes on him until the moment he and his teddy went to Heaven.  Kizzy was such a very special kitty.  Sometimes I believe I feel him on my pillow; those are the nights I can actually drift off to sleep.  I miss Kizzy so very much.

Wendy Bradley

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