Little Larry

Quiet little gentlemandapper in his gray tuxthe hole they fixed in your heartlet the love build upand overflow to everyoneFunny little faceAlways ready to purrLooking for a lapOr watching the doorGreeting all who enteredThe cat tower is emptywithout youAlthough some tryNo onecan take your place.



Good Bye Little Larry

 Little Larry was born August 13, 1999 at the shelter.  He was an adorable gray kitten with white paws and a very loud purr.  He played and got into mischief like any other kitten.  Little Larry didn’t know his heart was broken.  He had a very large hole in his heart and all the love in the world couldn’t mend it. By February 2000 Little Larry’s heart was getting worse.  We had to do something to save him.  Little Larry needed a miracle.


Little Larry at 6 months.

On March 15, 2000, Little Larry had life saving heart surgery at Angell Memorial in Boston, MA.  When Little Larry was discharged from the hospital, his little body was shaved in several places, he had lots of stitches, but he looked great.  Little Larry’s heart had been mended.  A woman who heard about Little Larry called Angell Memorial and made a $1000 donation towards his surgery. We raised $2,000 more through generous donations to the “Save Little Larry Fund.”   I truly believed in Miracles.  I felt so blessed. 

Through the years, Little Larry was a prankster, but always a gentleman.  Everything was “cool” with little Larry.  Nothing fazed him. 

Little Larry set himself up as the official door greeter at all our functions.  He begged for attention when anyone entered the cat room.  People were just drawn to him. 

The years with Little Larry passed much too quickly.  At age 12, his body was failing.  He was diagnosed with hepatitis and had little strength to fight off his illness.  If any cat deserved to die with dignity, Little Larry did.  He was special. 

I said my last good bye to Little Larry on March 11, 2012.  

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