Milo Miller

Some cats ease their way into your heart; Milo barreled his way in. He was six years old when he came to me- 20 pounds of boisterous, loving fun. Milo was never shy- he loved everyone. He greeted all visitors by running up to them and chewing on their shoes- or toes if they were barefoot! He loved to show off- rolling on his back to say " look at me", or performing his favorite trick, shared only with close friends of mine, as it is too embarrassing to describe.

The world was Milo's big catnip toy, our home his kitty condo, his siblings and I his loyal subjects. Everything belonged to Milo. Six catnip mice - one for each cat? Nope- they were all Milo's, to be gathered up and slimed so no one else would want them. A toy where the fake mouse went round and round, too be enjoyed my all? Nope- Milo would lay in the middle of it so no one else could play with it. Of course neither could he as the mouse was underneath 20 pounds of cat but- oh well.

Eating when Milo was around was an experience. He loved pizza and Chinese food and would do anything to get this food, including knocking the fork out of my hand. He would sit on his haunches and wave his paws in the air for teriyaki beef. Good thing my friends are cat lovers as, more than once, Milo landed in the middle of the table during a meal.

Now, gone too soon due to a lung tumor- but what a life he had and what joy he brought into my life. The house is so quiet without him. He will never be forgotten.

--Chris Bibby

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