We understand that life is a journey. We travel through it finding strength as we go along. One of our challenges as shelter volunteers is learning the history about the cats and kittens in our care. In December four kittens arrived. They were found under a bridge abandoned by their Mom. One kitten died while the other 3 struggled to survive.

The smallest one was named Tiny Tim. This little guy gave us reason to smile as he struggled to live. Everyone gathered around to care for this little grey & white dynamo. He was snuggled and surrounded by smiles.


It didn't take long for a very special volunteer, Joan, to step up and say “he's Mine.” Joan called him Nugget.

tim4 tim6

Our Mighty Nugget showed the strength of thousands to keep going and it's with great sadness that we said “Good bye” to him this week. We know that Nugget will always hold a special place in our hearts and mind's. This sweet little grey & white guy was small in stature but larger than life. Sweet dreams little one. We will never forget you.

--Judy Henry

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