- June 18, 2010

Our beloved Rocket crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today.

Rocket was a very independent guy. He lived alone for twelve years, by choice, in the large training room at NEADS where they train dogs to help people who are deaf and physically disabled live more independently. Every day he would come strolling out to greet us. After breakfast he liked a daily brushing, a few pats, and then he was off for a snooze.


Rocket was a working cat. He earned his keep by teaching the dogs at NEADS to be good to cats. In turn, Rocket learned some tricks from the dogs. Rocket was proficient at opening cupboard doors. On some days we would look everywhere for him. Then he would come sauntering out from one of the kitchen cabinets where he had been taking a snooze. 

Rocket was diagnosed with lymphoma two months ago. We pampered him. We gave him lots of Fancy Feast. 

Today was a sad day. 

Good bye Rocket. We will cherish the memories.


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