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Good Bye, Roo

1994 - 2008

On a warm August morning in 1995, a small wisp of a cat arrived at the NEADY Cats shelter and changed my life forever. Roo was a stray found behind a local gas station. She appeared to be about one year old. Roo had very short front legs and her ability to hop up onto things was amazing. Her name evolved from her likeness to a kangaroo. She was adorable and so very special.

Roo was the NEADY Cats shelter mascot and guardian of the shelter cats. Roo set the example. She never hissed or growled, and shared her space graciously. She had a way of letting all the other kitties know that life at the shelter wasn’t anything to get upset about. Life was good.

Roo was the editor and special advice columnist for the NEADY Cats newsletter. Roo had a following all over the United States. Sometimes people would arrive at the shelter and ask to talk to Roo thinking she was a real person.

Roo loved having her tummy rubbed. She would roll over and hold her little front legs up in glee. Everyone who met Roo was enamored by her charm. She was a true lady. She was refined, polite and had a smooth even purr. Year after year she shuffled about the shelter very quietly with an air of calmness and confidence.

With all her amazing qualities, I think, above all, Roo was a delicate little thief. She stole everyone’s heart.

The years with Roo were wonderful and passed much too quickly. In early March 2008, Roo’s little body began to fail. She was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma and a large growth was removed from her throat. Day after day I prayed for a miracle, but Roo was so sick. She rallied a bit, but it became evident she was no match for her illness. I said good-bye to Roo on May 19, 2008.

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