Simon (right) and Figaro

 March 14, 2007 

Simon became ill a few weeks ago and stopped eating. I gave him fluids, but he couldn't keep food down. He lost quite a bit of weight and an ultrasound showed a mass near his kidney in the lymph nodes. I was able to spend some quality time with him in the hospital before I made the decision to let him go.

Simon was like no other and I am so lucky to have shared a good piece of my life with him.

April 14, 2007

Figaro has been in the hospital for the past week. I couldn't believe it when just over a week ago his crying escalated. He had been crying more, ever since Simon was gone, but this was extreme. I noticed some blood in the litter box and you can just imagine my reaction. I called my house vet and she said to bring him in right away, because if he's "blocked" his bladder could burst. Poor Figaro. After losing his companion, to have to go through a trip to vet and all that came with it. ... I fell apart, being in the same room where I had just put my beloved Simon down.


I am sad to say that Figaro is gone. He just couldn't be without Simon and I think this was God's way of making sure Figaro didn't have to carry on, without his "caretaker." I loved them both so much, it's hard to fathom they are both gone. Yet, it was a month to the day that Figaro joined Simon and I know that they are happy together, snuggling like they always did.

Suzanne Roy

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