Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit
by Carole Nelson Douglas

A convention of Elvis impersonators has hit Las Vegas—all pretty normal for that town, until one of them, and then another, winds up very dead. Who would want to kill Elvis? Is it one of the group? Is it someone from outside?

Temple gets involved when her nemesis Crawford Buchanan enlists her aid in keeping an eye on his daughter who will portray Priscilla Presley to the gamut of impersonators. There are Elvi in all stages of his life and career, from the youngster just starting out to the mature man Elvis would be had he lived. There is a female Elvis, and there is a group representing a collective Elvis (the ubiquitous Fontana brothers). There is a super Elvis as well, the everyone thinks will win the contest because he is so good.

Interspersed with the usual prose text and Louie’s musings are thoughts from the mind of someone who just could be the real Elvis (but is he alive, or dead?) And who is the man calling Matt’s counseling show and talking about things only Elvis himself would know? His calls rocket Matt to radio show stardom—but Matt isn’t sure that’s what he wants.

Midnight Louie and his unknowing daughter take turns prowling about the hotel and uncover more than just jeweled jumpsuits in the process. Mysterious accidents plague the contest. Nothing seems to add up as motive and there are way too many suspects who wanted at least one of the Elvi dead.

Even Max dons Elvis garb to find out what is going on and how these deaths fit into the whole convoluted mess surrounding him and his mysterious background. Suddenly everything takes on sinister overtones and the Synth seems to be involved as well.

SJ Wolfe

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