Cat In A Crimson Haze
by Carole Nelson Douglas

You just know mayhem is going to reign when Temple is asked by Van von Rhine and Nicky Fontana (the owners of the Crystal Phoenix) to turn their once-elegant hotel into something more “family-friendly”.

Temple starts touring the hotel from top to bottom, and a series of unfortunate deaths occurs, all seemingly aimed at incapacitating her, and/or keeping her from exploring the old hotel. At the same time she is cajoled into writing for the Gridiron skits (which are to be held at the hotel) by the odious Crawford Buchanan, Temple’s perennial tabloid newspaper reporter nemesis.

Midnight Louie, who used to be “watch cat” there before he moved into the Circle Ritz, heads back in order to see if there’s anything he can do to help. He is abetted (but not aided) in this by his daughter, Midnight Louise, who has decided that life with Matt (the former priest) isn’t as much to her liking as being on the prowl in the hotels and casinos.

As Temple tries to help Matt come to grips with his laicization (in more ways than one), Lt. Molina’s secret comes to light and startles them all. And just what do a over-the-hill gang of robbers, who were so stupid they forgot where they buried their loot, and an aged black cat have to do with any of this? Does the ghost of Jersey Joe Jackson still haunt the Ghost Suite?

Enter the Fontana brothers, all nine (or is it ten?) of them, white sheep of an infamous Mafia family who appoint themselves bodyguards to Temple and maybe hinder more than they help. The stunning climax involves a dance number with a UFO, but that’s not the only startling thing at the end of this romp.

SJ Wolfe

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