by Carole Nelson Douglas

The second Midnight Louie book find our hero in traveling cat jail, on his way to the vet for a checkup, having moved in for good with Temple Barr. When the vet announces that Louie is overweight, the fur flies for real, and one of the subplots in the book deals with how to get Louie to eat his “Free-to-be-feline” low calorie cat food.

The venue this time is a contest for strippers, male, female, young and old. A series of hangings stalks the contest and Temple edges warily into the sleazy sexy world of taking one’s clothes off in public. Clues are few and nothing in the murders except their choice of occupation and manner of death (strangulation with a g-string) seems to link them together or point to a murderer.

Louie becomes part of the investigation when he discovers his love, the Divine Yvette (a petite and lovely shaded smoke Persian) at the contest in the company of her companion, the cloyingly annoying and simpering Savannah Ashleigh, who is attending the competition in order to research a film role, or so she says. In trying to unearth clues and help Temple solve the murders, he manages to rescue his lady love and becomes her hero.

Temple is hot on the trail of a clue when she is assaulted by mysterious men wanting to know the whereabouts of her former magician lover, Max, who had disappeared months before, leaving no clue to his whereabouts. Temple is torn in two directions, needing not only to solve the g-string murders but also to figure out where Max has gone and why people want him dead.

If you’ve ever wondered what went on behind the scenes in Las Vegas, this series has some of the answers!

SJ Wolfe

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