Cat in a Hot Pink Pursuit
by Carole Nelson Douglas

Temple is dismayed to discover her professional nemesis Crawford Buchanan is dong the publicity for the teen reality show Teen Queen, which is taking place in Las Vegas. And so is rather easily persuaded to go undercover as a punky antagonistic adolescent Xoe Chloe Ozone when Lt. Molina’s daughter Mariah makes the cut as one of the contestants. For once Temple’s diminutive, petite appearance is a real asset.

Temple has to think very fast when her romance novelist aunt shows up as one of the judges—can she pull off the masquerade? What should be a teenage girl’s dream come true rapidly becomes a nightmare when the vapid and shallow other contestants appear ready and willing to commit murder in order to make it to the finals. Mariah is not a policewoman’s daughter for nothing, and Temple has her hands full trying to keep Mariah out of trouble and both of them in the contest, while trying to expose the murder.

Meanwhile, Matt has gone home to Chicago in response to his mother’s sudden revelations about his real father. The family is confused about Matt’s defection from the priesthood, and that doesn’t help Matt in his quest to sort out his own feelings. Neither Matt nor his mother are sure they want to know more about Matt’s father, but there is an awful fascination which keeps them looking.

Max has seemingly successfully infiltrated the Synth without the renegades discovering that his real identity, and he must constantly juggle his appearances in order to keep them from realizing the truth.

Weaving in and out of the mysteries are Louie and Ma Barker’s band of ferals, who must find a less dangerous place to live. And Louie has just the location in mind.

SJ Wolfe

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