Cat In A Golden Garland
by Carole Nelson Douglas

Temple is torn between two men—former priest Matt, and former lover, the magician Max. What to do for the holidays? So a screen test in New York with Midnight Louie for the A la Cat company, of course, and stay with Aunt Kit.

Louie also has a romantic dilemma—the Divine Yvette is now a mom to a litter of kittens who cannot possibly be Louie’s and her sister Solange is taking her place in the cat food commercials because there is a morals clause in the contract. What’s a handsome black sleuth to do with two attractive dames and a supplanted former spokescat on his case?

The mysteries begin with a Santa who is at once familiar and then not at all what or whom he appears to be. Who would have a motive to kill this pleasant old soul at the family company Christmas party?

Meanwhile Matt has discovered his step father is NOT dead as was presumed, and is determined to confront him over his past misdeeds. What he finds is more discomforting than he expects, and in an attempt to reconcile his present life with his past, heads home for the holidays with his family. While there his feelings for Temple start to come together, and Matt finally seems at peace.

Temple, who is having more than a neighborly interest in Matt, also has deep feelings for Max? And why has Max suddenly reappeared in Kit’s apartment?

As Temple tries to unravel the tangled web of mystery which surrounds the advertising company, things become more and more murky, hinting at an unsavory past for each and all of the firm’s partners and well as for Santa.

The ultimate revelation is not what one expects, for sure.

SJ Wolfe

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