Cat In A Flamingo Fedora
by Carole Nelson Douglas

The artist Domingo wants to do an installation in Las Vegas—an exhibition of thousands of pink plastic lawn flamingos. Temple has been asked to handle the publicity for the show and she tries to drum up enthusiasm for the tacky birds at the same time she and Midnight Louie are doing screen tests for A La Carte cat food

Louie is the up and coming star, on the way to replacing the odious Maurice (who has murdered his predecessor by drowning him in a vat of cat food). Which does not set well with the former spokescat, but which pleases the Divine Yvette. Louie, wearing the fedora of the title, navigates his way around variously staged accidents which put him and Yvette in danger. Things come to a crisis when Savannah Ashleigh discovers her precious Persian in a compromising situation with Louie. She sweeps up Louie and heads off to make sure he will no longer be a player in Las Vegas.

In the meantime, a famous Las Vegas singer has been murdered. Temple is the last person to have seen him alive, although Matt may have been the last person to hear him alive at the hot line where he works.. To further complicate matters, Max is slipping in and out, involving Temple in the investigation of the murder of his former mentor, Gandolph. More of the magician’s mysterious past is emerging and Temple finds herself torn between Matt and Max, each of whom has certain charms.

Can plastic flamingos enhance the Las Vegas cityscape? Is Matt’s mysterious caller the murdered man? What will happen to Louie? Is Yvette going to have kittens? This is one of the more complicated books in the series and has an unforgettable ending.

SJ Wolfe

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