The Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell
by Lillian Jackson Braun
(New York : G.P. Putnam, 2006)

This is the twenty-eighth “Cat who…” book and it just goes to show you there are way too many ways out there to murder people.

The story takes place in Pickaxe, Moose County (figuring where Moose County is is part of the charm of the book. I vote for Michigan!) which is celebrating its 150th anniversary and wants to outdo the celebration the neighboring town of Brrr held for its 200th anniversary. Qwill and his lovely book lady Polly become involved in the celebration ideas, among which is a celebrity homeless cat auction.

Into the middle of this come a long lost heir and his fiancé who leave behind the mystery of what has happened to the elderly aunt and uncle they came to visit, and large hurricane-type storm which puts everyone in danger.

As usual, the Siamese cats Yum-Yum and Koko are central to the solution of the mysteries and in fact, Koko starts everyone wondering right at the beginning when he drops down on the heir’s head without any warning. Obviously he thinks something isn’t right, but what?

You can pick this up and read it without reading the rest of the series, but it won’t be as satisfying. This is a series where you need to read the entire thing or you miss a lot because you don’t know who is who and what the undercurrents are. The funny town and people names seem a little forced if you haven’t read them from the beginning.

The book is, as with many of the later books in this series, too short, and almost a little too neatly wrapped up at the end, but it is a fun, fast read.

SJ Wolfe

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