All adoptions are by appointment only. A written adoption application must be completed by the person adopting the cat.

Click here for application. Fill out both pages and return to NEADY Cats. The address is on the form.

Cats (12 weeks and over) in the shelter are brought up to date on all veterinary care - distemper shots, rabies shot, leukemia/AIDS tested, and spayed or neutered. Kittens (under 12 weeks) have as much veterinary care as their age allows and are sold with a pre-paid low cost spay/neuter certificate. All cats 5 years or older have had their teeth cleaned. There is no on-site veterinarian, but the shelter receives discounted services from a local veterinarian who is also available 24 hours a day for the NEADY Cats. Cats that need special monitoring are housed at the home of the shelter manager for 24 hour care.

The person who is to be responsible for the cat must come and select the cat. No cats are sold as "gifts." If there are other cats (over 5 months) in the household, they must be spayed/neutered. If the new owner has a dog, we offer counseling on the least stressful way to introduce the cat to the dog. If there are children under 5 years old in the home and the family has never had a cat, we discuss postponing the adoption of the cat until the children are older for the safety of both the child and the cat.

All NEADY Cats are adopted out as inside cats. If the new owners live in an apartment, they must supply a note from the landlord stating it is OK to have a cat.

All cats and kittens leave the shelter with a "goody bag" filled with literature, food, toys, scratching pad, brush, and medical record. Two weeks after the cat has been placed, we make a follow-up phone call to the new family to make sure everything is fine.

NEADY Cat owners are like family, keeping in touch with pictures and letters for years after adopting their cat from our little shelter.


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