Cat Room and Kitty Nursery from Our Old Shelter

We'll be posting some photos from the new place soon!

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We have eight spacious steel cages. A curtained-off storage area under the cages holds spare carriers and baskets, and serves as an area where the cats can hide or cuddle up for a nap.

Catwalks along three walls high above the cages give ample opportunity for private resting. Portholes in the catwalks allow the cats to go from one level to the next. Some of our residents were born with tiny front legs and use the ramps to move around freely.


Three large windows occupy one wall. The outer windows are covered with pet protector so they can be opened to let in the fresh air on nice days. There are flower and rock gardens below, complete with birdhouses. The cats enjoy hearing the sounds of nature and watching the small animals and birds.

Another wall has kitchen cabinets, a sink, dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator. One of the lower cabinets has a porthole cut in the door. The cats that are loose in the room have this private space for their litter box.

catpage1bot1 catpage1bot2 nurserypic2

Jazzy peeks through one of the portholes in the catwalk.

Martin and Pooky
are tenants in the
kitty condo.

The kitty nursery is a cozy home for our nursing moms and babies. It has a large double cage, plenty of toys and cuddly places for naps. Some of the kittens even enjoy sleeping in doll cribs.


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