NEADY Cats is a small, no-kill cat shelter located on the National Training Campus of NEADS in Princeton, MA. NEADS is the oldest national assistance dog program in the US, opened in 1976. The cat shelter was started in 1987 to help homeless cats by giving them good veterinary care and then placing them in loving homes. The cats “earned their keep” by teaching the dogs to mind their manners when they were around cats. 

It is the mission of NEADY Cats to place adoptable cats and kittens in loving “forever” homes, promote spaying and neutering, and provide feline health care education to the public. 


We have enjoyed a high success rate in our cat placements. We take pride in careful screening of prospective adoptive families. We familiarize ourselves with each cat’s personality and decide what will be the best environment for a lifetime placement. Very few cats have been returned. 

Our goal is to place 80 to 100 cats a year, and we have no plans to expand the shelter. In 1987 we had 8 used cages and a dream of saving a few homeless cats. Today in our new quarters on the NEADS campus, our dream is a reality. To date we have placed more than 3388 NEADY Cats. 


NEADS leases us our space for a small fee, and we depend on your donations and volunteer labor to provide food, litter, maintenance, and medical care. See "How You Can Help Us" for ways in which you may make monetary donations or donations of your time in helping to care for our cats. In February 2000 we became a non-profit corporation. Your donations are tax-deductible.

March 2001... the debut of the NEADY Cats web page.

June 2001... the Mary McKeon Trilling isolation ward was completed.

September 2002... the NEADY Cats celebrated their 15th anniversary.

May 2003... the Dream Catcher Endowment Fund was established.

May 2005... Roo celebrates 10 years as NEADY Cat mascot.

September 2007...NEADY Cat celebrates 20 years.

May 2008... Wally and Bea became NEADY Cat mascots

January 2017... NEADY Cats celebrates its 30th anniversary

January 2017... Shelter moved to Serling, MA

March 2019... NEADY Cat Wally passed over the Rainbow Bridge


A little orange tabby with a half tail made NEADY Cat history in July 1999. He was the 1000th NEADY Cat to be placed by our little shelter.

Our very first NEADY Cat was named "Monty." He is pictured here with NEADS mascot "Molly Malone," in the fall of 1987.


Our 1,500th cat was placed in June of 2004. Valentino, a handsome black and white tuxedo, went to a loving home in North Reading, MA.

May 2005 - Roo celebrates 10 years of service to the NEADY Cats. Roo became our shelter mascot in 1994 and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in April 2008.


NEADY Cat Rupert, our 2,000th cat, was placed in October 2007. Rupert lives in Worcester, MA


The Roo Scholarship Fund was started in 2007 in memory of George Frye by his children, Deborah, Dana and Doreen.  This fund was created to help with the veterinary costs of homeless cats and our shelter cats. 


Wally and Bea became our mascots in May 2008. 


NEADY Cat Etta, our 2500th cat, was placed in May of 2011. She lives in West Boylston.

Oscar became our 3000th cat, placed in August, 2015. He lives in West Boylston.


Thaddeus and Bea became our mascots in March 2019

NEADY Cats moved to Sterling in January 2017

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