We encourage those who adopt cats from us to keep in touch. Many send pictures to show how these former shelter cats have become members of their households.


NEADY Cat Chester

"Sweet Dreams, baby"

Owner is Debbie Brine
of Littleton, MA

NEADY Cat Kiki

"Fashion Lady"

Owner is Donna Dover
of Worcester, MA

NEADY Cat Johnny

"Johnny on the Spot"

Owner is Shauna Rossley
of Clinton, MA


NEADY Cat Pixie

"Undercover Girl"

Owner is Jan Ginder
of Leominster, MA

NEADY Cats Coco and Scout

"Trouble Times Two"

Owner is Lori Colon
of Leominster, MA

NEADY Cats Thomas and Girard

"Life Is Good With My Bro"

Owner is Carol Fisher-Crosby
of Shrewsbury, MA

lovingLovinghomesCocoandScout lovingLovinghomesGroot

NEADY Cats Coco and Scout

"Remember when we both
could fit in this box?"

Owner is Lori Colon of Leominster, MA

NEADY Cat Dyna

"The eyes mesmerize"

Owners are Mary Friedrich and
Vicki Newell of Gardner, MA

NEADY Cat Groot

"Superhero of his household"

Owner is Nicole Ineson
of Maynard, MA

squirrel lovingLovinghomesLuckyHeatherPaulson

NEADY Cat Patty

"Squirrel for dinner?"

Owner is Erin Hollows of
Horse Shoe, NC

NEADY Cat Olaf

"Let me catch it!"

Owner is Sheri Daniels
of Dudley, MA

NEADY Cat Lucky

"Black on White"

Owner is Heather Paulson
of Rutland, MA

LovinghomesPixieJanGinder lovingLovinghomesPuffunNadine lovingLOvinghomesSammyGinaMaunder

NEADY Cat Pixie

"This is a real flying cape"

Owner is Jan Ginder
of Leominster, MA

NEADY Cat Puffin

"Have you brought me a treat?"

Owner is Nadine Knight
of Worcester, Ma

NEADY Cat Sammy

"Striking a pose"

Owner is Gina Maunder
of Princeton, MA


NEADY Cats Brucey and Livvy

"Love Ya!"

Owner is Robin Richard
of Worcester, MA

NEADY Cats Clarence and Bayley

"You knocked it down the drain!"

Owner is Loretta Lowry
of Lowell, MA

NEADY Cats Bentley and Charlotte

"Did we call you?"

Owner is Christine Poirier
of Leominster, MA

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