We encourage those who adopt cats from us to keep in touch. Many send pictures to show how these former shelter cats have become members of their households.

lovingLHAnnabelleSandraRinggard lovingLHBigPapi lovingLHBlueTerryPurcell

NEADY Cat Annabelle

"Still waiting for Santa"

Owner is Sandra Ringgard of
Oakham, MA

NEADY Cat Big Papi

"All for me?"

Owners are Kathy and Rocky Ozella
of Sutton, MA

NEADY Cat Blue

"Blue Eyed Romeo"

Owner is Terry Purcell of
Scituate, MA

lovingLHCalypso lovingLovingHomesFreddyJoannePearson

NEADY Cat Calypso


Owner is Nina Grieci
of Leominster, MA

NEADY Cat Ella

"Sitting Pretty"

Owner is Amy Briggs
of Jefferson, MA

NEADY Cat Freddy

"Practicing being cute"

Owner is Joan Pearson
of Southborough, MA

lovingLovingHomesJacksonCynthiaMagieraPlmer lovingLovingHomesSophialeftandRockyright

NEADY Cat Jackson

"Christmas cutie"

Owner is Cynthia Magiera
of Palmer, MA

NEADY Cat Stuart

"I'm even cuter"

Owner is Cynthia Magiera
of Palmer, MA

NEADY Cats Sophia and Rocky

"It's MY turn to use the clicker"

Owner is Karen Gauthier
of Dudley, MA

lovingBabyTooMarianneCameron lovingElmerFuddBaileyHeatherWillyard

NEADY Cat Baby Too

"Basket of Love"

Owner is Marianne Cameron
of Oakham, MA

NEADY Cat Elmer Fudd

"A boy and his toys"

Owners are Bailey and Heather Willyard
of Westminster, MA

NEADY Cats Spencer and Jewelz

"Kitty Love"

Owner is Katie Marsh
of Ashby, MA

lovingMapleShannonGannon lovingPigLauraPhaneuf

NEADY Cat Maple

"Sweet as maple candy"

Owner is Shannon Gannon
of Littleton, MA

NEADY Cat Sheba

"Were you looking for your phone?"

Owner is Lisa Landgren
of Worcester, MA


"I'm game!"

Owner is Laura Phaneuf
of Southborough, MA


NEADY Cat Louie

"Connoisseur of comfort"

Owner is Pat Valencia
of Worcester, MA

NEADY Cat Patty Sue


Owner is Erin Hollows
of Horse Shoe, NC

NEADY Cat Gracie

"Pause for reflection"

Owner is Richard Trubiano
of Worcester, MA

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