We encourage those who adopt cats from us to keep in touch. Many send pictures to show how these former shelter cats have become members of their households.


NEADY Cats Eleanor and Franklin

"Watch Cats on Duty"

Owner is Kathy Anderson
of Princeton

NEADY Cat Castiel

"Is that Mom coming home?"

Owner is Gabby Bissonnette
of Leominster

NEADY Cat Fred and Buddies

"Sit somewhere else...
We were here first"

Owner is Maria Brebner
of Pepperell


NEADY Cat Indigo

"I could use a little more flattery."

Owner is Peter Myette
of Leominster

NEADY Cat Joni

"You expect me to believe WHAT?"

Owner is Debra Strandberg
of Holden, MA

NEADY Cats Jack and Henry

"I hear cat food"

Owner is Debra Strandberg
of Holden, MA


NEADY Cat Minx with Bella

"Stay here...I'll protect you"

Owner is Alysia Leone
of Boxboro, MA

NEADY Cat Puffin

"Can't a cat just be alluring?"

Owner is Nadine Knight
of Worcester

NEADY Cat Ricky


Owner is Charlene Ciampa
of Sterling

lovingLHMicky lovingLHClancey lovingLHCheddahGTimothywade

NEADY Cat Mickey

"Morning Wake-up Call"

Owners are Jane and Bill Milligan
of Whitinsville, MA

NEADY Cat Clancy

"Ready to Go?"

Owners are Jane and Bill Milligan
of Whitinsville, MA


NEADY Cat Cheddah G

"You called?"

Owner is Timothy Wade
of Fitchburg, MA

lovingLHCameoCashmir lovingLHCameoCashmir

NEADY Cat Garth and buddy

"Room for Two"

Owner is Betsy Gibson
of Princeton, MA

NEADY Cats Cameo and Cashmir

"Ladies of Leisure"

Owner is Wendy Bradley
of Shrewsbury, MA

NEADY Cats Indy and Dannie

"Yin and Yang"

Owner is Joel Cote
of Chelmsford, MA

lovingLHWillieNanyWilson lovingLHReesenowGinny

NEADY Cat Willie

"Warm tummies make happy kitties"

Owner is Nancy Wilson
of Worcester, MA

NEADY Cat Miss Kitty

"Sweet Dreams"

Owner is Denise Rouleau
of Lancaster, MA

NEADY Cat Ginny

"Cat camouflage"

Owner is Germaine Pasley
of North Providence, RI

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