We have had many success stories over the years where cats with illnesses and physical difficulties have recovered and found a lifetime home at NEADY Cats. In some cases, we found people who could devote the extra effort to caring for a special cat and take them into their homes.

Baby San-T

A tiny, fading kitten is given lots of TLC and becomes a healthy adult.


This reclusive little cat hid while in the shelter, but a loving adoption finally made him outgoing.

Dirty Harry

This cat came to the shelter bedraggled and dirty, but some medical care and love finally got him a real home.

Harold Moses

How a sick stray cat with no back feet found love and happiness when he came to live at the NEADY Cats shelter.


An elusive cat who hid in cabinet drawers and was picked on by the other cats finally found a patient owner and a real home.


A frozen little wisp of a cat who came to the shelter in the middle of winter found a home at NEADY Cats

Woody Woodpile

This little guy was found in a woodpile, hungry and with a broken leg. He finally found a home with people who loved him.


This depressed and lonely guy got dropped off at the shelter...and finally found a loving home.

Tennessee Tux

We thought this big kitty with a heart murmur would be hard to place, but we were wrong.


She had a rare seizure disorder and was a biter, but after 3 years in the shelter, she found a home.


He got lost in his new home the first day and it required some home dismantling to reach him.


A lady in hiding for four weeks after she got to the shelter, she finally came out and found a forever home.

Three Kittens

With a virus causing swollen eyes and a danger of loss of eyesight found forever homes


Cruelty caused him head trauma and a severely injured mouth and chin, but after surgery he found a loving home.


Had a badly injured back foot at birth. She lost part of her foot in surgery, but recovered and now lives happily with her adopted family..


A painter found him alone in a house that was foreclosed. We cleaned him up but this hard-luck kitty is still living at the shelter.

Little Girl

She had five babies in the shelter, but took on two orphan kitties a jogger found in the woods.

Baby Ned

He and his siblings were found by an ATM machine on a rainy day. He didn't want to eat or keep himself clean, but we cleaned him up and he was adopted.


Was found with frostbitten paws eating from a dumpster. After partial removal of both front paws, he recovered and was adopted.


Five cats were left outside of NEADS, but one cat had escaped his carrier. Weeks passed, but Casper was finally found. He now has a forever home.


He was a sickly bag of bones when he arrived at the shelter, but medical care and lots of cage rest turned him into a winner.

Blue Moon

This little cat with serious eye problems came to NEADY Cats, was treated, and found a forever home


A little guy with a seizure problem found help and a forever home.


Two owners gave up on this cat until someone noticed that he was deaf. Now he has a forever home.

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