Carlton getting acupuncture while held by his mom- if you look closely you can see the needles along his back.

Carlton's treatment for kidney disease presented at
American Veterlnary Acupuncture Conference

Carlton Bibby of Lunenburg, an alumnus of the Neady Cats Shelter in Princeton, has been selected from among many applicants across the United States to have his case discussed at the American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture Conference, which was held at the Hyatt Regency in Boston from March 13- 15, 2015. The presenter will be Dr. Karen Fine of Central Animal Hospital in Leominster.

Carlton, a ten year old male Snowshoe cat, has severe chronic kidney disease which causes frequent infections, blood in the urine and pain on urination. His life will likely be foreshortened because of this disease.

After his initial diagnosis Carlton was treated with long courses of different antibiotics which caused nausea and anorexia. He had painful urination and lethargy, often spending much of the day sleeping under the bed. After consultation with Dr. Cheryl Moss, his primary veterinarian, and Dr. Fine, it was decided to stop the antibiotics and to try a course of acupuncture. Carlton had acupuncture once a week for a month, then was maintained on monthly acupuncture. He was also started on a Chinese herbal supplement and a probiotic. It has been a year since he began this course of treatment. His appetite has improved, he has less pain and is much more comfortable and active, now spending most of the day looking for attention from his family. He has especially developed a taste for American cheese (orange color only), Provolone cheese, cheese pizza and pork fried rice. Yes, not exactly a kidney diet, but at least he is eating! While he will never be cured he is much more comfortable and his quality of life has improved.

Carlton is honored to have his case presented at this prestigious conference. He resides in Lunenburg with his mom and feline siblings.

By Christine Bibby

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