The New NEADY Cats Facility

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On January 28, 2018 the NEADY Cats shelter moved to 215 Worcester Road, Sterling, MA

The office area is sunny and bright. There are comfy beds in front ot the two large sunny windows, where the office cats can often be found watching the birds or snoozing the day away.


The iso room is where we keep the moms and babies has plenty of space for the kitties to play and roam about. There are seven stainless steel cages and three large sunny windows. The ramps in front of the windows provide an area for the kitties to watch the great outdoors or just take a snooze.

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Our stoage area has three large cages for our office cats, open shelving for quick access to supplies, and a large stainless steel grooming sink.

The main cat room has eight stainless steel cages, two large condo cages, and a roomy porch area with ramps and sunny windows. This room houses many resident cats who call the NEADY Cats Shelter their forever home. About a quarter of the cats in this main room are adoptable and are looking for homes.

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