Just as there are wonderful people with special needs,

there are wonderful cats who need a little extra care and understanding

to find their forever homes.



Jasper, 1 year, is a large Maine Coon look-alike with medium flat body fur and a fluffy tail.  He is an independent man and does not want to share his home with other cats or dogs.  He is playful (loves the laser light), likes attention, and is sure to want to share your bed. 

Jasper has all his vet work complete.  He has a history of one urinary blockage about 4 months ago.  His special diet food (CD) and all vet bills related to another blockage (he has a 25% chance of the blockage happening again) would be paid by NEADY Cats if the new owner used Central Animal Hospital in Leominster as their vet.  He would require an owner who would pay attention and notice if he is urinating in his box every single day. 

This is a great cat who comes with issues….we all have issues.  We at least know what we are dealing with with Jasper.  This boy deserves a chance to have a family to love him.

For further information on this “special NEADY Kitty” please contact Marilyn.

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