In this program, you choose a cage to sponsor for a year. Each month we will mail you a picture and a short profile of the kitty in the cage you have chosen. You decide the amount you want to send. Your monthly contribution will be used to support the kitty in your cage with toys, bed, and food.

We know it will be difficult to choose from all our delightful cats and kittens.Several other cats are not in cages, but are free to roam the cat room. Others have to be checked on frequently and are at present living with the shelter manager.

Click here for a form to send with your first monthly donation..

They're all so lovable that it will be hard to choose which of our current residents
will be the recipient of your generosity. 

1. MELODY, 6 years, was a pregnant lost cat who was brought to a local veterinary clinic and given to us for placement. After being starved for food, Melody eats every scrap of food she can find fearing it will be her last. It will take time for Melody to realize that she will be fed on a regular basis. For now her food is monitored closely so she will not gain too much weight.

5. AGNES, 8 years, is a lovely black/white tuxedo cat. She is playful and friendly. This girl is sure to want to greet you at the door and share your bed. Agnes is a very nice older cat and deserves another chance for a loving home.

2. DYNA, 1 year, is a striking calico lady with a regal look. She is sweet and playful. Dyna is a quiet kitty who likes to be around people. She is a keeper.

6. ELLIE, 3 years, is an all-black girl with gold eyes. She is shy at first but soon shows her playful side. This is a quiet cat that would do well with a working person.

3. MAGGIE, 8 years, is a sweet, slightly overweight lady. She is quiet and very people friendly. Maggie would be content with working people as she is content to sleep the day away.

7. POMPAY, 3 year, is a sleek black lady with a mild disposition. She is shy at first but will come for treats every time. She loves to play and loves lots of pats. Pompay is sure to be a true companion.

4. ORLANDO, 5 years, is a large black and white boy. He is very gentle and always wants his tummy rubbed. Orlando would do best in a quiet household with an older person. He is a wonderful cat.

8. WALLY, 8 years, is an all-white boy with a smidgen of black on his head. He has deformed front legs and hops around like a little kangaroo. Wally's favorite thing is to settle in someone's lap for a snooze.

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Ms Whisker's double-pawed kittens, August 2015

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