Here is a new exciting way for you to help our kitties. You choose a cat to sponsor for one year. Each month we will mail you a picture and a short profile of the kitty you have chosen. You decide the amount you want to send. Your monthly contribution will be used to support your kitty...with medicine, veterinary bills, toys, bed, and treats.

The Sponsor a Special NEADY Cat Program will focus on our long term residents - the older cats, the cats with ongoing medical problems, and those cats that have not been socialized enough to be considered "adoptable."

Chances are these cats will never be offered a home. Since we are a no-kill shelter, these cats can live at the shelter for the rest of their lives. They will receive lots of love, and all the care and comfort they need. We need your help to do this.

Click here for a form to send with your first monthly donation.

1. PAMELA, 15 years, is an old girl who likes attention and loves to have her thick fur brushed. She is on special diet and eats very well. Pamela's main issues are that she cannot see well nor does she have a sense of smell.

5. HELEN K is a eight year old cutie with a mild disposition. Helen has tested positive for the kitty AIDS virus and has limited vision. She has her favorite places to snooze and has no trouble moving about the shelter. Someone found Helen in her kitty crate in the middle of their driveway.

2. MR. BOOTS arrived at the shelter very skinny and his fur was thin and limp. He was born with a very weak heart and his prognosis for a long life is not good. He has blossomed into a big handsome cat with a full thick coat of fur and handsome gold glittering eyes.

5. MARIGOLD, 10 years, is a dark orange tabby with white paws and white ruff. She is very sweet and loves to snooze the day away. Marigold is on a special diet, and recieves fluids twice a week for her failing kidneys.

3. TOPAZ, 2 years, is a petite white lady with a sweet disposition. Tobaz has a fracture at the tail end of her spine which sometimes causes her to miss the litterbox. We don't expect that Topaz will ever be chosen for a home.

7.  GIDEON, 2 years, is a very handsome Siamese X with a wonderful disposition. He is loved by everyone and is very playful. Gideon has the feline AIDS virus (FIV). This is an immune disease that is specific to cats and is passed by a deep by a deep bite.

4. CHARLOTTE was rescued from an abandoned building that has since been demolished. She has been tested positive for the kitty AIDS virus. Charlotte is a petite brown tiger with big yellow pleading eyes.

8. HERCULES came to us looking like a bag of bones, with a chest full of fluid. We determined Hercules had a very bad heart. The prognosis was dim and it looked like he would live only a few months. Two years later, he has gained weight and looks great.

9. REVOLVING SPONSORSHIP...we will select the kitty that needs you the most each month

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