A Tiny Miracle For Sure!


"Our scraggly little gremlin has bloomed into a beautiful rose."'

October 18, 2001 - Baby San-T is born. She is one of four kits in the litter... she doesn't seem to know how to suckle off the mom very well, and the others keep pushing her away. She is fading. We start giving her the tiniest bit of fluids under the skin every morning. We are feeding her every 2 hours with a dropper. Luckily San-T's mom cleans her and keeps her warm through the night.

November 19 - Baby San-T

December 11 - A milestone.. Baby San-T ate a little food on her own today. Hooray! Her weight is a whopping fourteen ounces... a tiny miracle for sure! Thank goodness her fur is starting to grow back.

December 21 - I feel both happy and sad today. Baby San-T has been adopted by Ellen Koretz of Acton, MA (Strange that Ellen doesn't seem to notice how scraggly this little dynamo looks. It must be love!)

December 24 - She weighs 22 ounces and is eating well. She will stay in the shelter maybe another month until she is a big strong girl. Then we will smile, and sigh, and say "good bye."

Update on Baby San-T
June 2, 2002. "I may be little...but I am mischievous. I can be found upside down in a garbage can, stuck in a closet, sleeping where no one can find me...until I hear, 'Where are you, Shuggie!' I now weigh a whopping 5-1/2 pounds. My fur has grown more gremlin look for me! I still love to be held like a baby. And even though my meow seems to be broken, I make little grunts when I am scratched under my chin, and I snore with the best of them." --Owners Mark and Ellen


Update on Baby San-T and her sister
March, 2004 - "Remember us! You nursed me from infancy to 11 weeks old. I am now a very healthy kitty. You called me Baby San-T. I am now named Sugaree! I kiss a lot.
"And I am her sister Ebony. Ellen came to the shelter to take home my sister and she fell in love with me too! I purr a lot. Thanks for giving us such a great start in life! We live a 'Purr-fect' life." - from Ellen.


It takes a lot of people pulling together to make success stories like Sugaree's a reality. If our cats are never offered a home, they can live at the shelter for the rest of their lives. They will receive lots of love, and all the care and comfort they need. But we need your help to do this.

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