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One night in August of 2009, five cats were left in carriers outside one of the buildings on the NEADS property in Princeton, MA.  The desperate owner left a note stating her house had been foreclosed on and she could not afford to keep her cats any longer. 

Four of the cats were safe.  One cat, named Casper, escaped from his carrier and dashed away.  We had no picture of Casper but we made up a flyer and hung it at all the busy locations in the area.  Then we dropped off the flyer at every house for a mile in the direction that Casper was last seen running.  The weeks passed.  Our hope of finding Casper dimmed. 

Then, one day a lady called.  She saw our flyer at a local vegetable stand.  There was a white cat that had been eating under her backyard birdfeeder every night for about a week.  Could this be Casper?  The lady’s house was over 2 miles away.  Still, we set up a have-a-heart trap, baited it with smelly tuna, and hoped for the best.  The lady promised to be in touch if the mystery cat arrived.  Then the call came. “Did our cat have a black nose?  Yes!  After a month of Casper being on the run, we finally had him. Casper was back!

Casper has since been adopted.


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