When Ike arrived in May of 2013,  he was a bag of bones.  He just lay limp in his cage.  X-rays showed he had a diaphragmatic hernia.  His liver and intestines were pushed up into his chest area.  Ike had emergency surgery at Tufts and was on cage rest for 6 weeks. 


When Ike’s  recovery time came to an end, he was like a kitten again.  Ike was a kitty on a mission...he seemed to want to make up for all the fun times he had missed.  His favorite toy was the kitten tunnel.  He spent his time exploring every inch of the shelter and annoying every cat he came upon.


A few months after surgery, Ike looked great.  He was a gorgeous cat with massive shiny fur. 

Ike was soon adopted.  His new owners love him and say they have to play at least 15 hours a day to keep him happy.  His new name is Big Ben. 

We are all so happy to see Ike enjoying life and in a great forever home.

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