Our little Matilda arrived at the shelter with four babies in tow. All the kittens were placed. Unfortunately, Matilda was not. She had a rare seizure disorder. The skin on her back rippled back and forth like something was creeping along beneath it. A gentle pat to her fur was met with repeated hard chomping bites...ouch! Nothing could soothe her, so Matilda was put on seizure medication.

Three years passed while hundreds of kitties came and went from the shelter. No one wanted Matilda. Not until a month ago, when Matilda finally had her chance.

Matilda found adjusting to a new home to be extremely stressful. Her seizures worsened. In addition to rippling skin and rapid non-stop biting, she began pawing in the air at imaginary objects. Her meds were increased. Matilda's new owner continued to give her lots of love and gentle pats.

There is good news! One month later, while on a scheduled home visit, I found a "new" Matilda. She was sleeping peacefully on a rocking chair. She awoke, jumped to the floor, and stretched. I gave her a few gentle stokes and she accepted them without a flinch. Her skin did not ripple, and she did not chomp on my hand.


I am so happy that Matilda finally seems settled and happy. Matilda is a truly wonderful success story.

It takes a lot of people pulling together to make success stories like Matilda's a reality. If our cats are never offered a home, they can live at the shelter for the rest of their lives. They will receive lots of love, and all the care and comfort they need. But we need your help to do this.

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