Mile-a-minute Merle

One look at Merle when he arrived at the shelter, and it was very evident he needed immediate surgery. Sometimes life isn't fair, and this was one of those times. Someone had been very cruel to this little kitten. He had been put in a bag and thrown from the window of a moving car. Merle had head trauma and a severely injured mouth and chin.

Several days later, Merle returned to the shelter complete with fancy headgear--an Elizabethan collar. He had stitches all wound between his teeth to secure his once-detached skin. This didn't stop him from hitting the floor running. He romped, ran, jumped, chased the other cats, and never stopped to look back when things came tumbling down. He soon earned the nickname of "Mile a minute Merle." You had to love him anyway. He obviously had been treated very badly, and still loved everyone.

Merle would never win a beauty contest for "the best looking mouth," but he sure knew how to steal everyone's heart. Soon a nice family came along and adopted Merle, and they adore him.

Thanks for the memories, Merle!


Update on Merle September 2010

We adopted Merle in 2006. Four years later, he's still such a great cat with a lively personality. We love Merle so much and we are so blessed to have come across him. Thank you for everything

The Wymans


It takes a lot of people pulling together to make success stories like Merle's a reality. If our cats are never offered a home, they can live at the shelter for the rest of their lives. They will receive lots of love, and all the care and comfort they need. But we need your help to do this.

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