Cora, one of the shelter volunteers, found Olaf on craigslist..At the time, Olaf was wearing out his welcome at his second home. 

Olaf was an odd eyed cat . . . one blue eye and one yellow eye. These cats are often deaf on the blue eyed side. The problem was that Olaf was completely deaf and no one ever noticed. 

While being fostered by Cora, Olaf knocked everything off her bureaus and acted jumpy and strange.  This is not unusual behavior for a deaf cat in a new place.

When Olaf was brought to the shelter, he was afraid of everything.  Even a door stop that was a statue of a cat frightened him to the point that he hissed and jumped away from it.

After several weeks, Olaf settled down. We were very lucky to place Olaf in a home with no other cats, no dogs and no children.  He is doing fine and he is loved very much.


Success!!!   Olaf finally has his forever home.

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