The Undercover Girl


Peaches arrived at the shelter on November 4, 2004. She immediately crawled under her bed. She was beautiful to look at but rarely seen. Every morning her food bowl was empty and her litter box had been used. She was truly a lady of the evening.


After four long weeks of hiding, Peaches made her debut. There she was, out and about as if she had always been one of the gang.

Peaches had big gold pleading eyes that seemed to say, "please take me home."


Peaches had a sweet little personality, too. She would play a little "peeking" game with anyone who would give her attention


She was going to steal someone's heart very soon.


On December 17th, a nice family adopted Peaches. She left as quietly as she came.

It takes a lot of people pulling together to make success stories like Peaches's a reality. If our cats are never offered a home, they can live at the shelter for the rest of their lives. They will receive lots of love, and all the care and comfort they need. But we need your help to do this.

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