Saturday, February 5, 2005

This particular Saturday was pretty much routine. We cleaned the shelter, placed four kittens, and took in two cats who needed homes.

Then a frantic call came in. Sylvester, one of the kittens that we had placed earlier that morning was lost. So off we went to the "rescue." After four hours of searching we found...nothing. We decided that Sylvester must have crawled between the walls through a tiny opening behind the washer. Desperate and exhausted, we called for more help.

Then, just seconds before the destruction of the laundry room wall was to begin, a little black paw poked out from under the dryer. We had him! Well, we almost had him.

The dryer had to be completely dismantled piece by piece. Finally, there he was...sitting calmly in the back of the dryer. His expression seemed to say, "Were you looking for me?" Sylvester was removed promptly and placed in the arms of one very relieved owner.


Sylvester has only 8 lives left!

Update on Sylvester's Adventure

A new dryer was delivered on February 8, 2005.


Further update on Sylvester - March 7, 2005


"We wanted to let you know that Sylvester is doing great! He is growing and thriving, and he loves it here. As of last week he officially moved to his 'new home,' the whole house!

"He is a wonderful addition to our family and we are so, so happy with him!"

Yael, Adi, and Sylvester.

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